DucksUnlimited said:

Dark_Feanor said:
How big is From Studio?

They're a 2 team studio I believe. Their "b-team" made Dark Souls 2.


Assuming they put this game right after Dark Souls 2 was completed there is little chance this game is released before next year last quarter.

Maybe if they weren't a 2 team studio. Though I do still expect it to be sometime next year.

Ah, and how safe can people tell this game will be exclusive to PS4? Sony has to funding or do the hatefull "money hatting" the game.

Well, the person who leaked all this footage said it was, along with multiple other insiders. And according to the same insiders, it's being codeveloped by Sony Japan, so I wouldn't really call that moneyhatting. Helping to create a game is good, paying for people with other consoles to not be allowed to play it is not.

TRUE, very true there is a BIG difference in getting your first party studios to help develop an exclusive with a third party studio, to just going to a third party studio and paying them for the exclusivity rights for said game.