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Lafiel said:

I hope you don't use a Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) coated frying pan, as that stuff was first used in the Manhattan project, the development of the atom bomb

Nearly 20-50% of Nasa's meager 16 billion dollar budget is spent on the military (closer to 50%), but I still support space exloration, albeit as soon as we feed everybody, etc. on this planet first (which is easily doable, see my Inida link in my sig).

What you said was like saying i hope you don't drink water because waste goes through the sewage treatment center and back into the water supply, or like saying hope you don't eat food grow out of the ground because of fertilizer.  Or how about this one, everybody should boycott America and other countries because their prosperity is due in large part to slavery, colonialism, and contiuing unfair trade and admitted economic hitmen.  I crave justice and I hope you do to, for all things.
There's a close-to-proximity relationship between mainstream video games and the military that's undeniable and leads to innocent bloodshed.
You know how with music it's common to instantly associate a lack of artistry when it comes from a mainstream source?  Well, video games are this times infinite.
It's not hard to stay indie and moral, so that society can evolve into a non-violent, prosperous, self-less utopia.

Since you talked about How The Military Invades Our Everyday Lives, perhaps you've heard of the book I'm very fond of called "The Complex"?

Interestingly he choose to highlight mainstream gaming on this cover.

LemonSlice said:
I would ask you, no, PLEAD with you, to keep your political crap in the politics forum. Starting with removing that avy and sig.

If you want to occupy yourself with the bad things in this world, fine, but don't force it on other people who aren't nearly as ignorant and unconscious as you seem to think.

Putting your head in the sand won't help those you care about, the truth hurts sometimes, but without you can't have love.

Proverbs 28:27                                                                                                                                                                                                     He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.

If you struggle with belief in God, doesn't it at least make sense to you that carrying around a demeaner like that will lead you headstrong into incurring wrath from some people just as angry?
I hope you stay conscious of facts and keep a clear conscience.

LiquorandGunFun said:
what kind of hippy crap is this? lol i think its bad butt! Oorah!!!!!

Thanks!  This one is for those of use like us then -

19 YO Gamer & Predator Drone Pilot Excels At Killing Due To Commercial Video Game Training

vivster said:

Lol. What pointless bull. Why do we ask how we fight wars or how we see them?
 Here is a better question for you. Why are we starting wars? A much more important question that has nothing to do with tech or video games.

but most definitely religion

How are wars fought?  With drones, uranium-tipped missles, and other terrible weapons of war - I don't see any reason for war.
Wars are started for profit, which can be made by people who buy stock in defense contractors or are paid to lobby and propagate them.
Do you think video games and tech are unrelated to how wars are fought?  Wars are aloud to continue because of information, or a lack thereof, about their unnecessity and who is gaining from them - that's why the military does Public Relations, at football games, in advertising,
and in the content of all forms of entertainment.  I hope you reconsider.
At your spoiler text, idolatrous Atheism has killed far more (Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin) than those claiming Christianity (You can't kill in the name of Jesus, because He says he's one with His Word, which teachs for us not to do any violence, this command is even given to troops in Luke 3:14)