darkshadow23 said:
Porcupeth said:
it's just an option
buy the full game if you don't want the limitation
save 10 bucks if you don't mind the limitation

simple. No problem.

When you put it like that it doesn't really sound like a problem, but PS+ is supposed to provide us with benefits such as free games. Giving PS+ subscribers a $10 discount for the full game should be done without the limitation.

The OP makes it look like an evil, which it isn't. It's more of a "price discrimination" which makes everybody better off in the end.

- If you don't want to pay anything => PS+ gives you free access to 1/5 of a major AAA title.

- If you want the full game, then you have two options

   a) The convenience of digital at the expense of PS+ Membership, costs $50, saving you $10

   b) The traditional bluray option, costing exactly as usual, at $60

So, at the end of the day, consumer loses NOTHING. Just more options. If anything, (s)he gains free access to 1/5 of the game thru PS+

This is a really unfair light shed upon the PS+ offering.

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