London_Calling said:
Griffin said:
Maybe back in the day, but i have not played or seen a game that i would give a 10 to in the last 3+years.

I kinda hate posts like this. No offence.

Its not like games were better back in the day, its just people were easier to impress and video games were new.

Nowadays a game has to be amazing to stand out. Games weren't good at all then compared to now. Like the original mario sucked compared to what call of duty 4 is now. Probably 16 years from now while were playing PS6 we'll look back on CoD4 and think it sucked.

No offense but considering you just admitted to being 16, you're not really in a place to judge the quality of games older than you are. People were not easier to impress back then. We had different experiences than we have today. Back when I was a kid a great mutliplayer experience was getting driven to the arcade and spending $10 owning people at Street Fighter or playing co-op in Virtua Cop. Today a good multiplayer expererience is playing people online. Online is more convenient but i'll take my arcade experiences any day of the week. Maybe when PS6 does come out you'll be knowledgeable enough to judge whether Call of Duty 4 will still be a good game. Comparing Super Mario Bros. to Call of Duty 4 is asinine.


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