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Shinobi-san said:
kitler53 said:
chapset said:
Jazz2K said:
So you make a thread to call out people that couldn't predict the future... have we hit a new low? I think we have.

Tuscaniman, are you really trying to argue with this? Don't quarell with them, you'll never get anything out of this and they'll make fun of you in a few months... at least that's an easy thing to predict.

For me I see it more as calling out people that keep making predictions out of there asses yet pretend that they know better than others (for whatever reasons) most, I repeat, most of the guys in the op are constant offenders, they have a '' my prediction is better than yours complex'' and won't admit of being wrong so threads like this are used to bring them back to reality but I don't kid myself they probably won't learn from this.

i think you nail it here.

..that said, there are a couple poster in my favorite fanbase that could use a thread of their own.  not to name names.  not that i have to.  :P

Agreed! I think we should have a lot more crow eating threads! Would bring a lot more people back to earth

Crow eating threads are always fun to read that's a given. When someone digs on old prediction threads to see everyone's predictions that is.

What we have here is an op that looked for specific posts from specific posters from a specific fanbase to make fun of their prediction.

Why no make threads about Shinobi-San failed predictions? It's the same.