4k1x3r said:
JoeTheBro said:
I love threads like this. They act as a great window into the past. I probably spend more time reading old posts than I do new ones.

Also it's amuzing seeing how some users just keep beating the same drum regardless of how things are evolving. Some of those pretty old and pretty wrong posts look just like what the users are posting today.

There was an article that was wrote not so long ago that states that the love we have for a certain console is uncontrollable, it's deep in our brain. You can't blame people for that. I'll forvever have a bias for Sony even a slight, they shaped my childhood there's nothing I can do about it, BUT, and here comes the butt, I still love to play games from other consoles and companies, the most fun I have on a game is with my friends on Wii with Smash Bruhz (motherfucking op Pit). I also had a blast on Halo games Gears Pokemon and the list goes on. So.... yea... you can still avoid shoving it into anyone's face (don't you think so, toasboy?) but this thread was still unneccessary.

I don't think it really has anything to with which one shaped your childhood.  Atari (with the 2600 and 7800) and Nintendo (with the NES and SNES) shaped my childhood.  And for awhile I was a big Ninty fanboy, though I would play the Genesis when I went to a friend's house.  I was planning on getting an N64, but once I got my hands on that sweet PS1 (I must have been 12 or 13 at the time), my preference changed that day.  Won't even comment on the unneccessary comment.