NiKKoM said:
its because games are too cheap.. if we actually all bought them at new price 60 dollar there wouldn't be a problem.. too many of us are waiting for a price drop hurting the industry.. when will we buy it at 60 dollar? if its a triple A.. We ain't gonna buy a great awsome game if it looks like a ps2 game new.. we wait.. and wait till its 20 bucks and then buy it..

You can't have a product just break even in this industry.. you must make a healthy profit otherwise there isn't a next product.

Our cheapassness is hurting the industry

I think that is unfair to consumers. It's up to the industry to sort themselves out and price correctly. Ultimately if games are too expensive and people decide they would rather put that money towards a holiday or perhaps some blu-ray movies that is there choice.  We don't owe the gaming industry their existence.  If we buy more blu-rays then more money may go into film production for example.