I've been taught by the gaming industry to wait for price reductions. It's ridiculous how they price games., buy on release for £40, buy a month later for £25, buy 3 months later for £15 or wait six months for less than £10 pre-owned. I know this is just rough pricing, obviously major hits hold their value and huge flops drop even quicker but its roughly how it works.

PC games are even worse. I bought Rayman Legends for £3.99! How much was it at full price £30 or maybe £40. It's not an old game. I was thinking about buying a game for £15 on pc and then it appeared on a charity bundle for 66p with six other games.

You don't get many industries that price like the gaming industry. It seems to be based on what the market will allow and never consider how early purchasers pay excessively.

So personally I have no problem with game pricing but just utter amazement at how the gaming industry is run.

I notice some companies like Activision though try to keep prices high. I've been looking for call of duty games for the pc and there are few offers and they rarely go ridiculously cheap or appear on charity compilations. The trouble is I have so many other games to play that I can't justify their purchase. The pricing is fair though for all the gaming that is there.