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Devil_Survivor said:

Look EA gets a lot of hate they don't deserve, but that doesn't mean people don't have legit grips about them. How it affects lives is that they spend their hard earned money on EA games and then those are either broken or have some online DRM like Sim City that's when people get angry at a personal level because they feel like they're being taken advantage of and I know that is one of things people hate the most.  

Personally, I never had an issue with any of the EA games I own which is quite a lot over the years, however I can understand how people feel ripped off by EA at certain points. I just say try to look at from another view and not just your own.

If people have an issue with spending their money on a product made by a bunch of greedy fucks then they should learn not to do it. A lot of corporations take advantages of the customers but there are others out there who are a hundred times worse than EA because some of the corporations are actually detrimental to the consumers around them. Gaming means absolutely jack shit for peoples lives. There's no need for tons of idiots going around shitting on EA at a constant basis because of others disliking the shit out of a gaming company.

Each and every corporation has some flaws but there's absolutely no need to be a bunch of sheeps for the haters too ...