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Devil_Survivor said:
fatslob-:O said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
EA has the same temperament as Microsoft. Their ethic is the same. Keep as much control over their product as possible and milk as many of their top IP's as possible.

@Bold And who wouldn't want to milk their top IPs ? Everybody in the industry is doing it ... If Sony had an IP that came close to call of duty they would milk the shit out of it and the same goes for Nintendo. Activision is obviously doing it. EA has sports games to milk. Ubisoft is doing this with assassin's creed. Konami is squeezing the shit out of metal gear. Capcom is taking the life out of street fighter. Square Enix is trying to dry the shit out of Final Fantasy. Sega ain't even giving that pitiful hedgehog a break. Tecmo Koei keeps pushing out more dynasty warriors. 

Almost everybody is doing it STAGE, now tell us something we don't know ... 

fatslob, let me ask you a question. Why do you feel the need to go so far out of your way and waste so much time damaging contorlling for EA when people here show you evidence of all the horrible business tactics they have in thier playbook. I'm pretty sure your not thier payroll so what is the reason?

I'm not damage controlling EA. LOLOL I couldn't give two shits about EA! I'm pointing out the fact that most of the sheep's animosity comes from blind hate like kupomogli says. People here have no clear fucking reason to hate them at a personal level like this when a video game company shouldn't affect a consumers live aside from a several isolated cases. Does their horrible business practices affect peoples lives ? 

Tell me something different ...