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S.T.A.G.E. said:

EA is responsible for the waterin down of EA's IP's. The are probably the main reason The older republic turned into an MMO instead of the classic single player style. Mass Effect got gradually less RPG-like once EA got ahold of Bioware. EA just bought Bioware to milk their IP's. If it sells milk it. They have zero creativity. If it isn't straight forward forget about it. 

Where's proof that they are the main reason for turning the old republic as a single player experience ? Improving combat = Not RPG ? Atleast bioware is doing something different compared to naughty dog flooding the market with shooters. 

Rockstar created Red Dead Redemption, not Take Two. Those guys were just the distributors. 

Who owns Rockstar again ? Who also funds their title ? Does take two not get any credit that ? 

There is a difference between a creative entity and a company that just acts as a publisher. Sony and Nintendo are self publishers, but they are also creative entities. Microsoft and EA are in the same boat. Think about it based on the process of how their games are made.

"Who do you see coming out with the most new IP's and having them hit GOTY status? How many ip's have been created under them or in tandem with other companies that have surprised people?" <--- This banter is now irrelevant ... Thanks for the self ownage.