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toastboy44562 said:

-"Works with Microsoft and Xbox for exclusivity" this doesn't matter to Nintendo, PC, or Sony Gamers.

-"Brought us Titanfall (game of the generation)" Way too early to call any game "game of the generation".

-"Knows which platforms to build for to make the most profit" This doesn't matter much too core gamers

-"Owns perhaps the most IPs and has a wide range of Genres" yet they don't do anything with most of them and they killed most of them anyways 

-"Most games have at least decent quality (mass effect, titanfall, sim city, sports games, battlefield, star wars battlefront etc.)" this i will give you

"I know they have had server issues but those are all fixed. I do not know why you guys hate them. They are great!" Battlefield 4 and Mass Effect 3 would like a word with you cause they rush their games big time

Edit: They are no lionhead, epic games, naughtydawg, or rockstar but they are about as good as ubisoft or anyone else

now its your turn