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MTZehvor said:

Regardless of what your intentions are, it's still degrading another game instead of defending the actual game in question.

And yes, completely unreasonable expectations of it being a survival horror game. It's not like the previous two games in the series were survival horror or anything.

I didn't say anything degrading about the game.  And I have said such that does defend the game on several occassions and every time you've completely ignored it and brought up the same attacks against the game, attacks that I've previously commented against them but you haven't even replied to those comments.  Regardless what I write won't matter as it's clear you'll ignore a lot of what I write and pick at a single point to make your argument sound better, so I'll just leave the conversation.  If you'd like to go back and reread what I've wrote to gain some insight, then go ahead and do that, but I'm no longer wasting my time replying.