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MTZehvor said:

And while I certainly don't go into an in-depth review of a game I like every single time I mention it, if I'm going to debate with someone on the merits of said game, then yes, I will usually attempt to explain why I believe it's good instead of simply attacking other games in the same genre.

There you go again.  Stating something I wasn't doing and made clear to you last reply.  I guess people will introduce whatever information they can in attempts to win though.  Anyways, I've said my piece, pointing out that many people didn't have a problem with the gameplay, and that the reviews were nothing more than hypocrisy of this game is a shooter but I love it, this one is a shooter but there's way too much shooting so let me give it a 1/10 - 7/10 .  I could always mention other games that have a lot of shooting with little to no variation in weaponry that scored higher scores and didn't really convey as good gameplay.  This simply got a lower score because they had unreasonable expectations of it being "survival" which it barely was in the first place.