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kupomogli said:
MTZehvor said:

As for RE 4, people enjoy it because it actually attempted to have some semblance of a horror atmosphere and pacing. Dead Space 3 doesn't even pretend to be a horror game. Ammunition is anywhere and everywhere,

Yeah, having all that room in your inventory to carry 37 different weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammo on Resident Evil 4 sure did add some intense horror atmosphere. 

Not really sure what game you played if you think there's enough room in the RE4 inventory to carry 37 different weapons. RE4 uses a grid system that starts off being 6x10 units; a shotgun takes up a full 9 units on its own, and a pistol a full 6, so you could get 3-4 or so weapons in there with a moderate amount of ammunition if you really crammed (ignoring any healing items/grenades/whatever else).

Not that RE4 is by any means some paragon of horror gameplay, but it certainly does a much better job than Dead Space 3. The limited inventory size forces players to choose what they believe will be most helpful, and bring that with them. I've got no idea what game you were playing, but it certainly wasn't Resident Evil 4 if you ever think you've got the inventory space to carry 37 different weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. 

And, besides, even if RE4 did have an inventory the size of Mars, what difference would it make? Dead Space 3 is still a gigantic pile of mediocrity regardless of how good or bad RE4 is. Attacking other games (and ones that you seem to know precious little about) doesn't make Dead Space 3 somehow tolerable.