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orniletter said:

orniletter said:

So the fans of: Origin Systems, Bullfrog, Pandemic, Westwood are sheep because they hate EA for literally closing them ?

So, why do you think people dislike EA ? Just because ?

"I don´t understand why they hate EA.

It must just be because they felt like it."

I´m out.


90% of the people who are gaming now have more than likely never played a game from Origin Systems and Bullfrog as almost all of those games were on PC and the few that were released on consoles made such marginal sales as they were never big on consoles.  Westwood closed down but its employees merged with another studio, that's why there were Command and Conquer games from some of the main people from Westwood years after the studio closed down, although they're no longer working there now, a studio closing down doesn't mean they're no longer there. 

More than likely 90% on this very forum haven't played an Ultima, a Syndicate, or a Command and Conquer.  The fans of  those games have a right to complain sure, but these are companies that were purchased by EA and lasted around 10 or more years before they were closed down.  As I constantly point out when people bring this up, how many companies have other publishers shut down? 

Here are just a few of the studios that Sony has bought and shut down over the years.  BigBig Studios, Zipper Interactive, and Studio Liverpool(Psygnosis.)  How many Playstation fans are constantly bitching about Sony buying up then killing a company?  How about I take a guess?  None.

How about we look at Nintendo.  Nintendo doesn't shut down any of their main studios, and they don't name a lot of their studios.  But here's what they do do.  They create a studio, hire people specifically to make a game, and then shut the studio down the second the game is finished development.  Just look up Project Sora, the developers behind Kid Icarus Uprising. 

What's the difference than with Nintendo and EA?  They're still putting people out of jobs the second the game gets developed.  Atleast EA continues giving the developers a chance to create a title that will make a profit, and as the games go in the red again and again, EA cuts them off.  Who wants to keep supporting a developer who's not making them money. 

Capcom has let a lot of well known video creators go because they wouldn't allow them to develop anything they're interested in.  Clover Studios made amazing games but guess what.  Guess!!  Because the games sold like shit Capcom closed the studio down and laid all the people off.  :O.  CRAZY RIGHT??  I can't believe they'd close a studio because they're not making them any money.  That's unbelievable!

The other thing is, with as many large publishers that have went bankrupt, do you really think those small publishers that EA has purchased would have lasted?  They would have been purchased by some other developer who used them until they were done making them money and if they happened not to close the studio, they'd just fire everyone.  Activision still has Treyarch, they just fired everyone who worked there and hired a new team.  Can you really call it the same studio if none of  the people who really made that studio are there any longer?  How about

But I'll keep going with Activision.  You know the devs of Vigilante 8?  They were purchased by Activision and developed True Crime.  The studio was closed down when True Crime Hong Kong was cancelled.  That's when Eidos bought the work that was done with it and had United Front games as well as people from that studio finish creating the game.  Activision also shut down Radical Entertainment which was a rather large development studio.  They state that Radical just won't be making anymore games, so what, they're going to pay people to sit on their asses all day?  No.  Everyoen got laid off, so if they do hire people in the studio and develop games as Radical Entertainment, then it's not going to be the same studio, just like Treyarch.

So if it's tl;dr, here's the short version.

-90% of the people bitching about EA never played any of the games from the studios that EA has shut down. 
-The companies would have went bankrupt anyways with how much larger publishers are going bankrupt, EA saved them from just going out much earlier.
-Look at how many studios others have closed down, specifically from Sony and there's not constant bitching about how Sony is the worst company ever.