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kupomogli said:
Porcupeth said:
EA hasn't released a good game in 2-3 years

Debatably they've released more quality titles in the last 2-3 years than any other publisher aside from Sony and Nintendo first party, or maybe not aside from those two now that I think about it.

I'll give you Titanfall, but what else? Dead Space Third Person Shooter Edition?

OT: People hate EA for reasons that are probably too numerous to list: Being large supporters of DRM policies (which the gaming community universally despises), the Sim City debacle, the Mass Effect 3 ending, shoehorning multiplayer into series that don't need it, frequent sequels with little to no innovation, Origin in general, online passes, day one DLC, etc.

It's not that EA can't make quality games; they've certainly done so in the past. People (for the most part) dislike them because of their policies in popular games.