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MikeRox said:
bonzobanana said:

 You have all 4:3 aspect consoles designed for a zero latency CRT tv and yet you have a 16:9 LCD set with latency. 

To be fair, looking at the Dreamcast, it's a PAL setup, in which case, 4:3 sets were phased out in the late 90s/very early 2000s. The US was very slow in adopting 16:9 (hence a fair few European N64/PS1/Dreamcast games actually had "Widescreen" options).

So the ideal TV hasn't really been readily available in Europe for over a decade. We do also have a superior connection as most our systems support RGB SCART meaning no dot crawl or colour bleed that Composite and to a lesser extent  SVHS connections gave.

RGB SCART is pretty much as good as Component, just it has to be an interlaced image. You can get some decent smaller sets with very good deinterlacers though to offset that.

I'll agree, CRT would be ideal, but it's not really practical in a region where CRT was phased out 10 years ago.

At the time these consoles were available it was CRT they were intended for.  Of course there are many widescreen CRT's but looking at that stand it seems like only a 17" screen would fit on top. Yes RGB scart is definitely the best connection where possible. Also  you wouldn't want to get any CRT with fancy processing like 100hz refresh. It's the pure 50hz zero latency models you would want to consider which gives fantastic response time and light gun compatibility.

Getting a CRT is more than practical. They were sold up to about 5 years ago maybe even more recent and they are given away practically. A small bedroom set like 17" could be found with very little use and still give a fantastic image. They are absolutely ideal for a retro setup like this.