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Pemalite said:
Got an Athlon XP 3000+, 512Mb of DDR1 memory and a pair of 12Mb Voodoo 2's as well as a 128Mb Radeon 8500DV which I intend to throw all together and put Windows 98 on it for retro PC gaming. (And use the Radeon 8500 for games which can use Tessellation such as Serious Sam, Morrowind etc'.)
SLI Voodoo 2's will be potent for all those old Glide games like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Diablo 2, Descent, Mechwarrior 2, Thief, Turok, Resident Evil 1+2, X-Com etc. :D

Just need a good quality 1024x768 CRT monitor, case, PSU and if I can... Flash based IDE storage and it will be retro gaming ready.

Good old Voodoo's :)


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