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iceboy151 said:
vivster said:
iceboy151 said:
vivster said:
Maybe because it's still a lot longer than other full price games and being a karma based open world game has so much replay value and exploring opportunities.

Are you implying there are morons out there who play open world games just for the story?

Second Son doesn't offer that much replay value, you beat the game twice, that's pretty much it. The side missions also don't offer much of an experience.  On the other hand, Ground Zeores offers a ton of replay value, and people still bitched about it being short.

Yes you play it twice which gives it almost double the length ;)

Your point is just a bit petty because there are so many full price games that are shorter than ISS without even any replay value. So why single out this one?

Ok, so why does everyone not talk about other full priced games being short but choose to hate Ground Zeroes? That's the point I'm trying to make.

Everyone did last gen. Ground Zeroes is a special case because it's a AAA game but extremely short. Indies can be allowed to be short because they are cheap in price and production. 3h for a $30 game just isn't enough. That's even a worse deal than going to the movies.

It seems you pretty much rushed through Infamous. The game is not made for that and you are definitely in the minority here. The general consensus is that GZ is very short and ISS is not very short. Try to see it objectively. I saw a speedrun of GZ in 7 minutes. I dare you to speedrun Infamous in 14 minutes ;)

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