Since where listing more than one game I’ll do few more from last gen( can't do all of them there’s to many).

Mass effect 1(never played 2 or 3 was put off by the simplified rpg elements and lack of exploration)
Mass effect one was of my first rpg's this gen and having never played a western rpg before this game with its branching story, conversation system and freedom to explore the universe as I saw fit was quite mind blowing at the time. Then mass effect 2 came out and I thought that it must have been made by epic at first.

Red dead redemption
Having played GTA 4 previously and been seriously disappointed I was very relieved to see that Rockstar can still make a kick ass story and overall highly addictive game.

Blue dragon trilogy
The first blue dragon was my first Console JRPG of this generation and it didn’t disappoint I was really pleased to see that Mistwalker had it in them to be the new Sqauresoft ( R.I.P Sqaureesoft).

Fallout 3
My second western rpg of the generation and my first Bethesda game as you can imagine what below me why here is the post-apocalyptic world and atmosphere. also the ability to kill virtually any NPC was a very aspect of the game.

Borderlands 1&2
These two games where unexpectedly two of the lastt generations games I have played this gen with the 4 player co-op (everything’s better with co-op in my opinion) and looting madness.

New super Mario bros( DS&Wii)
never was two keen on the older 2d Mario’s was always more of a 3d Mario 2d sonic man for platformers but theses games changed my mind completely.

Monster hunter Tri
The online co-op made this game one of my favourite games last gen.

Kingdom hearts birth by sleep & Final Mix
Big kingdom hearts fan and had been waiting for birth by sleep since the secret endings of kh 2. It turned out be my favourite in the series with the three intertwining stories and local Wi-Fi arena.

Monster hunter freedom(1,2,Unite)
My introduction to the monster series and some of my favourite co-op games.