Not been back here for a while, and in most part because I feel ashamed of these's feeling I have. but today I had my first sessions with a psychiatrist. I would love to say 'yay,! I said this and im cured' but im not, I still feel the way I did before. But I did say that to someone else to their face and I did feel something, whether significant or not I dont know, but its atleast a step.

Anyway, I came back to this thread today as I have been watching various videos on youtube to sort of entice a reaction from me, and have been doing so but the reation isnt lasting. I have seen video's of others suffering in the world, and in sme circumstances have tried to help them with a donation or whatever I can. But I still feel detached, like I dont belong here. I want to feel a connection to something because I should, and not because I feel like its what I should.

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Ernest Hemmingway