Galbatorix9 said:
Zax said:

With how similar both consoles are in so many ways and how both consoles seem to get 90% of the same games it's always striked me as odd how there is such a drastic difference in quality and amount of excluisves between the Playstation and the Xbox.

It's not even the case that it's Japan's involvement that's what's doing it because even without them it'd still be the same.

The PS3 saw several exclusive games win many notable GOTY awards. MGS4, Uncharted 2, Little Big Planet, The Last of Us, Journey for example. That can not really be said for Xbox. Sure there was a time when Mass Effect 2 and maybe Bioshock recieved such acclaim but they ended up on PS3 aswell.

Three PS3 exclusives won GOTY on Gamespot but none for Xbox. The same can be said for IGN. This is the case amongst both the editors picks and the readers picks with the one exception that Gears of War did win.

Compare the PS360 metacritic scores.

There are 12 games for PS3 that scored over 90 not including HD collections. Xbox only has 7. If I were to include the games over 80 it'd be even bigger.

Also the huge amount of variety compared to the Xbox is staggering.

Heavenly Rain, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, Yakuza, Infamous, Killzone, Ni No Kuni, Tales etc

Xbox has had some but most never catch on like Crackdown.

I just it pretty odd seeing as how Xbox is just as popular and it's been around so long now.

did you know that of the three companies sony has the lowest average score on metacritic, with nintendo being number 1? Pls dont hate on microsoft. 

Cause Sony takes more risks with new ip's.