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I see a lot of misinfo on the controller from people that down own one.  I've heard

-Analog sticks were too short.  Truth is they're the same as the Pro Controller and just as long as the PS4's.

-Controller has interference.  I personally never experienced so much as a glitch in the screen.  Not sayinf it's true.  Just saying I never saw it.

-Controller gets hot.  Tested this last night.  Left the console running for an hour without touching it.  Controller didn't get warm.

-Speaker is too quiet.  Depending on the game it's pretty loud.  Easily on par with my laptop and much higher than the PS4.  Arkham Origins has low audio for voices, though.

-It's heavy.  Heavier than a normal controller but not what I'd call heavy....unless you think an iPad is heavy.