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Nem said:

DMC is past 1.3 millions after the last capcom results.

Might have a terrible character design and lame story, but boy is it fun to play. Real time destructable envyronments, free camera, ability to "teleport" towards enemies or teleport enemies to your location. The degree of freedom is insane. I hadnt enjoyed a game like this in a long time.
Shame for Donte and the story. Ninja Theory thought they knew what cool is, but they dont. They just know what fun gameplay is.

I would still be surprised if Capcom doesnt ask them to make a sequal. They got delivered a really good product. Without the PR mess, they have a sure-fire hit.

I was basing my numbers off VGCharts database, but I'm glad to hear DmC is selling better.

I have to disagree when it comes to character design and story. What's lame about it? No-one ever explains this, they just say it matter-of-fact, as though it's obvious. Why isn't this new Dante cool? He seems cool to me. In the first scene we see him in, he gets dressed in slow motion, whilst saying quips, while the trailer he's in is being destroyed by a daemon complete with Austin Powers style censoring, it's so remeniscent of Devil My Cry 3's pool table pizza scene that it actually felt nostalgic. In levels he's dismissive and sarcastic, the same way he's always been only this time he's actually good at it. The new voice actor is very good and has a subtlety the previous voice actors, (especially DMC2) didn't. Sure, in this game Dante is a little lazy and somewhat obnoxious which makes him somewhat unlikeable at first, but he always was both in the previous games and in the animé, and giving him character flaws makes him into an actual character rather than a male Mary Sue. I've still yet to hear why he's a poor character from anyone who doesn't either contradict themselves, or use justifications that are flat out lies.

Now, story wise... how on earth can this be lame? It's a story about the subtle control and corruption of human society by daemons by using consumerism, media, and debt to control them. This is literally a sci-fi dystopian classic. It's the plot tropes of 'They Live', George Orwells '1984', 'Soylent Green' etc. merged with the demon lore of the original games. I honestly cannot understand how people can consider this story lame unless they simply didn't understand it, especially if they liked the story of the original Devil May Cry series, as it's literally the same story but improved in every way. Major plot holes are closed, characters are more well rounded, the daemons have actual motive, human society isn't just convieniently ignored... it's more grounded and consistent, and that gives the entire story a stronger foundation. Again, no-one has ever explained to me why this story is inferior to the original, they just declare it is, and fanboy whine when I disagree.

Now, I'm not saying people have to love DmC and that the originals are suddenly bad, but like many things, DmC as far as I can see is a remake that improved on all the shortcomings of the original but that fans rejected because... fuck knows, fanboys do that apparently. They did it with Metroid: Other M, they did it with the new Robocop and Total Recall films. It's something I'll never understand, but hating remakes just because they're remakes/reimaginings seems to be expected now. I'll never understand it.