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aviggo77 said:
all your listed game are great but the third one :(

Care to go into detail. What's wrong with the game?

Like I say, unlike the others I listed; which are more contemplative, have deeper stories, atmosphere, characters, and game mechanics; Splatterhouse is the game equivalent of a Horror B-Movie. It's the kind of thing you play when you've had a hard day and want to blow off some steam by hitting daemonic creatures with a 2' by 4' with nails in it. It's mindless action and gore at it's best, style over substance, but without it being so far gone that there's no substance at all. It's trope heavy sure, but the characters of Rick, Jenny and the Terror-Mask are well realised and superbly voice-acted. Now, granted it's never going to be a big name game, but I still think it was unfairly panned by critics who unjustifiably called it a button masher, which if they'd played past the 2 hour mark they'd know that. I'm not claiming it's a masterpiece, just that it didn't deserve the extremely negative reviews places like IGN and GameSpot gave it.