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MoHasanie said:
Mr Khan said:
II would just have to switch to taking classes part-time and work full-time, and i'd be able to support myself)

Part time classes + working full time is very very hard. Do you work part time now? 

I'm on full-time classes and part-time work right now, though they only combine to 37-45 hours a week depending on the hours work gives me. Full-time work with part-time classes would be more rigorous, but only slightly given how my grad school works (full-time plus two classes a week would go to 46 hours a week combined).

To support myself completely at the low level i'm currently functioning at, i'd only need to make about $400 a month more than I do right now. It would suck a little more than my life does now, but it would be fully workable.

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