my thoughts are random, they really go from one thing to another. I can think about one thing then the next im thinking about things a million miles from it. A thought that always comes back to me (you will think im taking the piss, but im not) what would I be/do/feel if I was a potato. Yes, its random and seems obscene, but whem my mind wanders thats the thought it goes to, as my mind doesnt know the answer.

I have no relationships really, except for family where I dont really feel things towards them, but try to imitate things I think I should feel.

Beyond my job, I dont have much personal interaction. Though I always overthink everything. Like when I talk to someone I think 'what does this person think of me? does he think im weird, different, unnatural?'

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Ernest Hemmingway