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garretslarrity said:
kupomogli said:

 For those interested in 3D it's not the best I've seen on the system but it works very well.  

May I ask what games on the system use it better?  I thought Bravely Default used it execellenty, and I'd love to see games that can top it.  (I'm not saying that you're wrong with this statement, just want to know some games to look into!)

Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate easily has the best.  Literally jaw dropping on how well the 3D effect is done.  SMT4 is right behind it.  Bravely Default 3D I'd say is the next best for what I've played.  Of the games I own, I haven't played Pilot Wings Resort, Tales of the Abyss, or Fire Emblem, so no idea on how the 3D is on those.