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Retro PR teach us that they choose DK franchise over others ones, but sales have proved that consumers choice is to ignore the game.

If you are going to bring up a Metroid game, I can assure you, it would have sold just as badly, nevermind a new IP.

The blame for the sales failure is directed at the WiiU itself, not the game.

Starting to agree with this.  The Wii U is just too expensive for what it is.  I'm not dogging the tablet, but rather the fact that Nintendo has poor 3rd part support, minus some shoddy porting efforts (even those are starting to go away).

I think Nintendo either needs a price cut (and to take a loss in the short term), or be content with slow sales at a profit/break even (where they are now).  The last sentence assumes we don't count R&D into the equation, simply HW costs.  Not sure what they were thinking releasing the Wii U at 3-350. 


Wii U sales for 250-275 out the door sell out in minutes (the more than a handful I've seen can move 1000-5000 units very fast), dare I say as fast as the PS4.  Nintendo needs to make that permanent.

The Wii U is not to expensive for what it is. People THINK it is to expensive for what it is. It is more this gen then it gets credit for.

I'm not talking about the HW.  I'm talking 3rd party support, so SW.  When you buy a PS4 for 400, you are getting the best of what almost every 3rd party has to offer in terms of SW.

I have a Wii U and Xbox One.  I haven't bought a PS4 yet because the 1st part games are not there yet.  But I am tempted just because I can get the best versions of games like AC4, Tomb Raider, etc.