DKC Tropical Freeze stock


In Japan, this week numbers made Nintendo CEO cry as loud as a train. The smashing 35k (MC) - 43k (Famitsu) figure posted wasn't the only subject to be worried, but also Wii U hardware bump, or the lack of that, as it went from 7k to 8k.

It's clear that Wii U situation is bad. And it's clear that DKC Tropical Freeze was the wrong game at the wrong time. We should try to remember the year 2010, when DKC Returns for Wii launched. The game sold extremely well, in fact, one of the biggest titles in Japan last generation on homeconsoles, but the reality is that it didn't move as many consoles as some expect because it sold on a established fanbase. Along that, Retro's output were almost perfect and DKC Returns was a fresh decision as it generated hype.

But this time is diferent. The situation is similar with New Super Mario Bros U, as the decline show us.

Retro PR teach us that they choose DK franchise over others ones, but sales have proved that consumers choice is to ignore the game.

Now it's time to see to the future. What should Retro need to do now?

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