spurgeonryan said:

I can only imagine that people were really unhappy with both the 360 and Wii last gen. So people want the sure thing this time around. They had it with the PS2, but Microsoft and Nintendo marketing strategies somehow got them to "try" new things.

Well they are done trying new things and are going back to the king. Am I right?

 Being cheaper helps a lot as well....

 Plus as this last generation ended, which system had the most hype going for it? PS3. Last of Us was on everyones radar, whether they bought it or not. People saw the greatness of what the PS3  was, saw that they mostly missed it because they were playing Halo, CoD, and Gears on 360 and ....k....umm...Kirby's Epic Yarn, Endless ocean, and other shovelware treasures on the Wii ( Im just playing...and Mario).


No more mistakes! Am I right everyone?

no. i played xbox 360 and that console was awesome. it pooped on the ps3 in almost every aspect, just like the ps4 poops on the Xone now in almost every aspect. Xone is weaker, more expensive, you HAVE to buy kinect, and if those fails were not enough there was the marketing disaster which completely killed it off.  also, i like the ps 4 lineup, interface and almost everything more.