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People are jumping on the hype train because PS3 was disappointing last gen, making it the underdog. People love underdogs.

 PS3 dissappointing in what regard? I seriously eveybody who's purchased a PS4 has only done so out of sheer pity. That's just asenine.

Not pitty, frustration.

Just imagine your favorite sports team. It was once great but now it almost loses all the games and going down multiple leagues. But suddenly they've found the steroids in the basement and are climbing up again. Not only reaching top league but also winning it in every regard. Suddenly all the old fans are back again and it is so much more satisfying to celebrate a team that was once down and is now kicking the asses of its oppressors. It's your regular hero story ;)

Read my above post to see why I think the PS3 was a big disappointment.

thats a terrible analogy considering people arent spending 400+ to root for a sports team. People want the PS4 becasue they want it, its that simple

Sports fans are not spending less than gamers^^ Do you know how much season tickets cost? Not to mention fan merchandise, travels and live streams of the games.

Fans across all hobbies are the same. They want to see their team win and they spend a lot of money on it. Gaming fandom is quite similar to sports fandom.

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