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Trentonater said:
Kyuu said:
It's far more common within FF6's "diehard" community to bitch and whine about newer Final Fantasy games, especially 7.

Serious FF6 fans often appretiate the other FF games though. Like the formerly underrated FF9.

it's the same for the FF VII fans. I see them appreciate older FFs even if their first FF is FF VII. Saw that with my friends and poster around the web. On the contrary I have been seeing a lot of older FF fans mainly FF IV and VI fans bitch about FF VII especially in this sites it's like it's cool for them to say FF VII is overrated. 

It's a common sight for me if someone said FF VII is the best FF someone will whine on how overrated it is. I also see that from FF VIII as well whining on how Emo Squall is and the common offenders are the ones who like the older FF's. You can add FF X in that aswell. It's ok to criticize but to whine and bitch is a different thing.

I don't hate any FF but I dislike certain FF that's how a true fan should be. 

For me this older diehard ff fans are just an elitist. it's like hearing or reading FF VII is like poison for them and can't accept that for many or for some FF VII is the best for them.