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jack100 said:

Also not true.  The people that only like the first gens pokemon are in their late 20s or early 30s.  if I remember correctly red and blue came out when I was in high school and we loved both those games.  Those people are in those age range now.  If what you say is true then genwenners wouldn't exist as the OP states. :)

Im 23 and believe me most of my friends, early 20s and late teens,  hate any new gen of pokemon after the first one, maybe some like or tolerate the second one, but after that I think they lost the "casual" childhood fan who was into pokemon just because of the anime and only played first and maybe 2nd gen


Also, I think people that "hate" new pokemon games dont hate them because of gameplay reasons, but for the new pokemon designs and the fact that the anime is overmilked. Which proves the point its an anime related thing