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ktay95 said:
Nem said:

You are implying that these fanbases are bad, so yeah you are.

 They are though -_- Liking FFVII or Gen 1 Pokemon dosent mean you are apart of the fanbases Im talking about (Crazy Diehards and Genwunners). You can like FFVII and not bitch and moan everytime an FF announcement is made that isnt 7 related, you can like Gen 1 and ignore the new games rather than bitching on forums about how shit the new games are compared to Gen 1 every day. If that is you then Im not talking about you. If you are however one of those annoying fucks then yes you are apart of a terrible fucking fanbase that makes the rest of the people who like the game look bad

I see. Well, those people are just well... impossible to please, lets say. I dont think a particular game defines them, but its just the type of person they are. These same people will probably have the same opinion about every series and movie.