Given all the recent talk surrounding a possible Xbox sell-off, and given we now have a new CEO of Microsoft, I give this rumour significantly more credit than I would have done six-months ago.

Not sure what I think of it, really. I don't like Microsoft as a company, but it does have established relationships in the gaming market, and enough money, to ensure the Xbox gains traction in the market, even when they screw it up, like they have with the One. I'm not sure if Amazon could provide as much clout, though I'm sure that would change with time.

And how would Amazon's other services integrate? Their music, shops, Kindle, video streaming, and so on? Get a Live account and stream movies from Lovefilm for free? I'd buy into that. Indeed, as I think on it, the possible merging of Amazon services with a gaming console interests me a lot. If anything moved me to buy the new Xbox, this would.

Still, even if such a deal is possibly being discussed, I imagine it's a long way off as of yet.