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freedquaker said:
Figgycal said:
freedquaker said:

XB1 sales estimate : 47.5 to 73.3 million
PS4 sales estimate : 132.3 to 168.9 million
WiiU sales estimate : 24.7 to 49.4 million

I should add that I personally don't think WiiU will do as good as the numbers may suggest although Japan is always a wildcart. I'd rather err on the high side for XB1 and PS4, and on the low side of WiiU.

These numbers are almost identical to my predictions as well. Except I have Wii U at 13.7 mil.

I believe 12.7 is a bit too low, and I can't see going below 20 million, UNLESS the market substantially shrinks. Because even the smallest market size for Nintendo was with Gamecube at 12-14%. I also believe that they will keep selling somewhat decent in Japan, in addition to the occasional boosts from heavy hitters such as Smash and Zelda series etc....

A lot of people on gaf seem to think that the market has shrunk. I don't; I think we grew a little from last gen (Wii fad not withstanding); but because of the Wii, we are bound to see a smaller gen (if even only slightly). Also the Wii U is tracking below the Gamecube for every quarter and if you look at the sales of the previous  Nintendo home consoles (again not counting the Wii), you'd see a clear downward trend for every single nintendo home console. Each one sold worse than the last. There is no way that the Wii U will sell above 30 mil. My prediction is about 18 mil tops.