There's some speculation that the game could be set in the past with Francis Drake. I really don't think it'd as good if Nathan Drake wasn't in it, you also wouldn't have Sully or Elanor, both great characters you don't often get in video games. All the Uncharted games are good anyway but if it wasn't for Drake and his humour and his relationships with Sully and Elanor that you don't get to see in many games then I don't think the series would be anywhere as popular. It's a similar thing with Solid Snake, the Metal Gear games are fantastic but Snake is one of the main reasons why and MGS2 just wasn't the same playing as Raiden. Big Boss was pretty similar so wasn't really an issue. The new character could end up good all the same but Nathan Drake is the star he's Indiana Jones meets John Mclane and I wouldn't wanna see a Indiana Jones film without Indy in it for the same reason. I also wouldn't wan't to see Kratos replaced. Cole from Infamous I have no problem with because he wasn't that great to begin with. Thoughts?