Apparently some people still do, I see it mentioned now and then but in the past couple of days I've seen two of the same comment.

"I don't want a PS4 there's still a lot of good games coming to the PS3 like "blank, blank and The Last Guardian."

Why do people still care about this game? It's practically a running joke at this point. It's been in development since 2007, people have known about it for 6 years. 

How on earth does it take that long to make a game? They've made the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in that time, 7 Call of Duty games, the whole Assassins Creed and Uncharted franchises. Even GTAV only took 5 years to make.

What's to be so excited for? The trailer was nothing special and it's from the guys who made that so so Ico game. Seriously that game isn't coming out. Even if it did come out it wouldn't even sell 2 million copies.

Worse still is FFXV, that was announced 8 years ago, a third of my life ago. Now everyone is hyped for it's PS4 release, dunno why they got excited for it being on PS3 for nothing. All that time it took to make that game and it'll probably only sell a few million copies, not worth it at all.

I'm not sure what's with developers announcing games when they are nowhere near being released. They announced MGSV in the middle of 2012, now they say it wont come out till 2016. If they knew it was nowhere near completion then why announce it?

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