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Everyone seems really on the idea that unless a game is 8/10 or better it's not considered a good game, and every time I post a review, everyone either thinks it's not that good because of the score being a 6/10 or so, or it's not as good as it should be. 

So I've came up with a new equation that side as a sub score that won't be the definitive score in my opinion.  The equation of kuporeview inflation.   Otherwise known as the theory that over inflated journalist scores have made peoples expectations of a number too high.

So.  X = the kuporeview.  Y=the remaining score.  Z = inflated kuporeview to appeal to everyone who's stuck on how journalistic reviews are now.

X - 10 x -1 = Y
Y x .50 + X = Z

So let's work this equation out shall we?

7.75 - 10 x -1 = 2.25
2.25 x .50 + X = 8.875,  8.88, or 8.9.

Another equation I made up on the spot.  Inflated review = less bitching?  No idea if  this equation is correct.  More like a theory.  Basically.  Read the review.  Don't worry about the damn number if you know the score isn't going to receive any special exception.