TheKoreanGuy said:
Wright said:
TheKoreanGuy said:

Those games can wait. Put Persona on the top of your list. Well except Dragon's Dogma maybe.

Dragon's Dogma is ridiculously awesome. Proof that Capcom still has something in it.

Agreed. Game is surprisingly great. :O I need to finish it.

It's like Shadow of the Colossus/Demon's Souls lite.

I'd like for Capcom to  release another game like it with the same concept, but remove the whole leveling aspect from the game.  Like Dragon's Dogma mixed with Monster Hunter.  I think doing that properly would perfect the game.  Or make a Monster Hunter where you fight bosses like Dragon's Dogma.  I'm not much of a Monster Hunter fan the way it is, but Dragon's Dogma mixed with Monster Hunter or Monster Hunter mixed with Dragon's Dogma would be awesome.