Last year a rumor broke that xbox one was having yeild issues due to eSRAM.   Now while a rumor like this cannot be explicitly proven or disproven, when MS announced that it was reducing the number of launch territories from 21 to 13 it certainly felt like CBoaT's rumor was being confirmed and I began to believe it.  Even though MS made assurances that the delays had nothing to do with yeild but rather voice control localization it felt like, to me, a PR diversionary tactic.  Perhaps I just wanted to believe the rumor.

Fast forward to today, a mountain of new evidence is availible and i feel like the truth has come out.

By the end of 2013 MS had sold more than 3M xbox's and shipped 3.9M.  Those aren't the kind of numbers I would expect for a console having yeild issues.  Those are, in fact, great numbers!  In fact, supply was so good that retailers actually started returning stock.  Furthermore, we are almost a full month into 2014 and not one additional territories has even been announced for launch and rumors suggest many won't until late 2014.  It is impossible that stock issues is the reason new territories aren't recieving xbox one as ample supply is 100% confirmed by MS's financial statements.  Finally, it can't be ignored that voice control isn't fully integrated in several of the released territories and numerous reports that kinect's voice recognition needs work.  So here goes:


Dear xbox fans,

I apologize for ever believing CBoaT's rumor that yeild isses caused xbox one's delays.  Clearly MS was telling the truth when they said that kinect's voice commands were too incomplete and buggy to allow xbox one to be released in many of the world's territories.

I'm sorry,