routsounmanman said:

Let's just leave fanboysms behind and swear all three; Give them all you got! I start...

Damn you Nintendo for: 

- Making Wii a little bit more powerful than GC

- Waiting half a year to let us play online

- Delaying your games by about a year to Europe

- Releasing several "launch window" games in fall 2007 (Mario Galaxy, SSBB, MP3)

- Keeping the dreadful friend code system 

- Keeping quiet all time


Damn you Sony for:

- Forcing us to buy Blu-Ray

- Launching your console for JUST 600$

-Being so arrogant

- Copying launch games from XBOX360

- Copying Wiimote (SIXAXIS)

- Genaral sense of confusion within company

- Lack of innovation


Damn you Microsoft for:

- Lacking particular game genres (RPGs,Platforms etc)

- Being Microsoft

- Lack of innovation (again)

- Lack of a format mascot

- Not implementing HDMI (Neither does Elite)

- Not fundamentaly supporting Hard Disk Drive

- Doing so poorly in Japan 

In regards to your points to Sony:

1.) $600 was not enough?

2.) Sony did not copy Nintendo, they just did a half-ass job rehashing it.

In regards to your points to Microsoft:

1.) Is HDMI really that necessary? The only noticable difference a person will see if he or she has a 1080p at home, and not too many people have them yet.

2.) People have argued that Microsoft has dropped the ball in Japan with their advertising, not rallying enough developers to make games for their system, and that the types of games that are widely popular in North America and Europe don't translate well in the land of the rising sun. Microsoft did enough, question is why are the Japanese not buying 360s, and you'd have to point the finger at the Wii, and to some extent the PS3.

You wag the finger that Sony and Microsoft lack innovation, I guess you never heard of Xavix.