toot1231 said:


  1. Was only pc for a good 3 years.
but my PC cant run modern games now so I dont bother.

I play Wii U and 3ds alot more. PS4 occasionally only 1 game I like.


You must have bought a pretty horrible PC if that's the case.
I've seen PC's twice as old capable of running all the latest games just fine, mine is 2 years old going on 3 and I bet you can't find a game I can't run at ultra@1080P or even 1440P.

Chances are, depending on your specifications... You just need a GPU upgrade.

RCTjunkie said:
Why would anyone who only games on PC be on a website regarding console sales? Just curious.....

Why not? This forum is as good as any.
Allot of console games are available on PC and better than the console variants.
The PC is a platform that can compete with consoles on many fronts, granted this Forum heavily favors console gamers more than any other segment... I do prefer reading peoples arguments of which console is better rather than more PC centric forums where it seems to be nVidia vs AMD or Intel vs AMD. (That can get old real fast.)

As for me... I'm a PC gamer, primarily.
I only play console games for a couple of exclusives when I can get past the horrible graphics, single screen and sub-par audio with inferior controls and the price of games.

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