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fatslob-:O said:
F0X said:
Lately it's been a 50/50 PC/3DS split. :P I haven't avidly played on home consoles since 2012.

What's your specs dude ? 

Good enough to run most 7th gen games on low-to-mid settings. 4GB RAM, 1.7GHz dual-core processor, Windows 7 OS. Basically good for an Ultrabook (lol), but I'll be upgrading to an 8th-gen ready desktop later this year. And yes, I shall indeed build it myself like a smart person.

What ever you do stay away from those AMD processors. Their graphics cards are really nice but I can't reccommend their processors for serious gaming. Label me an intel fanboy or whatever but intel always takes a shit on AMD in the processor side of things. 

AMD's kaveri APUs are looking mighty promising with OpenCL 2.0 but that stuff is not for gaming and is meant for accelerating certain parts of a massively parrallel processing task in a program just like intel's xeon phis.