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Nem said:
fatslob-:O said:
Nem said:
That was dumb. Sales do not equal quality.

Atleast present some arguments and BTW this was an undercover nintendo doomedz thread by none other than yours truly, toastboy. 

There are so many example that i dont even know where to start.

Say, Panzer dragoon Saga. Amazing game, low sales on a low install base system.

Say Shenmue, same thing. This actually goes for a good number of SEGA games.

Puppeteer they say is an amazing game (i havent played it but i can see why) low sales.

Someone else already metioned Tearaway. Theres inumerable examples and they were brought up already on this thread. Its such a ridiculous assumption that it doesnt even need refuting cause it refutes itself by how obviously wrong it is.

Actually, why dont you look at movies for example. The movies that win Oscars are not the movies that gross the most.What sales mean is simply a product that was able to target a wide spectrum of consumers. It does not mean the product had really good quality. And wether quality is subjective or not is irrelevant cause it does infer on the opinions and impressions of the consumers minds. That, makes it very real.

I could also say that those games are pretty terrible in my eyes too so how do we go about measuring quality then if each and every one of us has a conflicting view ?

Winning among critics means nothing if the public objects to buying those pieces of entertainment.