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green_sky said:
enditall727 said: You know what's funny? Majora's Mask is probably my favorite Zelda of all time. So he might've been serious about the Zelda thing because i lowkey felt the same way lol

All i know now is that it is the lowest quality Zelda game. On a serious note, this guy has made a habbit of spamming gibberish every fucking day. The first page of his threads usually just go like, oh another toastboy thread, keep on toasting, some annoyed posts by people whose forum experience he is ruining. 

It might seem like i am quite affected by his never ending nonsense given my post. The thing is that i am not but i do avoid coming here as often as half the threads are well...toastboy threads. I hope moderaters take more strict action. Saying fanboy gets a ban but excessive spamming of threads with no feasible content doesn't. 

This LOL. I agree that he should stop spamming shit out every often.