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In all honesty, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just curious: what are the other pieces of the puzzle that you see? i'd like to know because I like the idea of the Wii, I'm just not completely convinced.
You'd have to come off a lot more rudely for me to think you're being a jerk, so don't worry about it. ;) Controls, Graphics, Music, Sound, Story, Characters, Playstyle (single/multi) and I suppose Gameplay itself should be considered a category, although it's more a combination of several factors in itself. For an example, Fire Emblem 10, which I am looking forward to, while improving the graphics and animation of it's predecessor, will proably be "okay" in controls and good-but-not-great in graphics, and IMHO great in the other categories I mentioned. It is simply how I look at games and judge them personally. SSX Blur, to me, looks good in controls, graphics, music, sound, playstyle, and gameplay, but non-existent for plot and characters. Personally, it looks to be a great game to me overall. jman8, I'd like your thoughts on my own "favorite 25 games", if you don't mind the time. ;)

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