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DirtyP2002 said:

so let's say in June the PS4 sells 300k in the US according to NPD, but there are no shortages any longer, you will say this was the month the PS4 reached its peak?!

No, this is not what peak actually means.


And demand is not gone when there are consoles in stores! 650k people bought a Xbox 360 last month, so there is still demand for this product. You need to read up on very basic economics. Again, no personal attack, but you just spread something you have no clue about and use the wrong vocabulary.

What? I'm not about demand not sales.

I'm saying Xbone demand is not more high (its peak) and the trend is to slow down until March... PS4 demanand is yet high and bigger than supply.

In easy terms Xbone already supplied the early addopters... PS4 not.